Frequently Asked Questions

While we work with many different modalities, hypnosis seems to be the most misunderstood. There are so many myths around hypnosis. Here are the answers to some of the most common misconceptions. We also have links to peer reviewed research articles on the subject. In the past, little scientific information could be found on the topic of hypnosis. Now, there are numerous research studies that show just how effective hypnosis can be for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, pain control, phobia release and more.

Hypnosis is under your control

Hypnosis is harnessing the power YOU have to control your own unconscious mind.    You can stop the process anytime.  You are always in complete control.  What hypnotists do is create the environment for you to access your unconscious resources.  Hypnosis is similar to mediation.  You can think of it as mediation with an agenda.

It’s a state of mind

Hypnosis is a state of mind. Think of it like a time you were driving and got to your destination without remembering the whole trip.  This is often called highway hypnosis, of course, at any time you can just decide to pay more conscious attention.  Hypnosis allows you to shift patterns and habits with resources from your subconscious mind. 

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone.  Have you ever daydreamed, experienced highway hypnosis, experienced being the “zone” while playing a sport?  Have you ever cried at a movie or laughed out loud while reading a book?  These are all examples of hypnotic states.  When you see a sad movie, you know it is not real consciously.  But you still have a physical reaction.  Imagination is what is required for this and that resides in your subconscious mind.  All you need is the desire for access those resources for change.  Hypnosis is a symbiotic experience to show you a greater understanding of your own potential.  You will find out how well this can work for you by scheduling a free strategy session.

What are the typical number of sessions?

Our philosophy is to provide you with the best results in the least amount of your valuable time.  We sell short term packages of two sessions and that may be all you need.  If it is of value to you, you can add to that.  More support is always available.  Our Smoking cessation package contains a lifetime guarantee so you can come back for free anytime.  Our sessions for anxiety and stress relief, weight loss and confidence building are tailored to each individual client.

Is hypnosis successful?

Let me allow some research studies to answer that question. And the Research Shows……

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