Smoking Cessation

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You Already Want to Quit Smoking.


We Simply Show You Have the Power to Change with Hypnotherapy.


You’ve probably tried it all: the patches, the accountability partner, quitting ‘cold turkey’ (whatever that means).

You’ve also seen the stats:

  • Within 24 hours of your last cigarette, your risk for heart attack decreases by a substantial amount.
  • Your lung function improves by as much as 30% within the first two weeks.
  • We’d add another stat here that you’ve probably already seen, but it’s likely another stat won’t make a difference. Stats aren’t the secret to smoking cessation.

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be hard!

Over 90% of our clients quit smoking in only one hypnosis session.

So, why haven’t you successfully quit smoking yet? It’s likely your conscious mind (“I know I want to quit…”) and your subconscious mind (“I need to keep smoking because…”) aren’t on the same page. That’s where My Brain Shifts takes an evidence-based approach using hypnosis and neuroplasticity to cessation protocol.

Over 90 percent of our clients never even need a second session. We believe so strongly in our approach that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t quit smoking after our first session, we will give you a refresher to ensure your success.

How Hypnotherapy Works in Smoking Cessation:

  • We use a variety of evidence-based techniques to unlock the power of your own mind.
  • You will learn how these techniques employ methods of neuroplasticity to elevate your subconscious mind to true smoking cessation.
  • We share the science behind our smoking cessation techniques, why you may have been stuck in the past, and how easy it can be to become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.


Now is the time to quit for good, save thousands of dollars every year, and be there for your family and friends in the future.




Here’s What Other People Just Like You Say After We Helped Them Quit Smoking for Good


“I haven't smoked a single cigarette! Had some slight cravings initially but I just did what you said and smiled and dismissed the urges. Lately though I haven't had any cravings at all even of someone else is smoking around me!" Taylor -- Denver, CO


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