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Overcome Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Did you know that 24,999,999 people in the United States, in addition to you, are afraid to fly? That’s right! You are NOT alone. You can be certain that someone else on the plane feels just like you do. It might even be the person sitting right next to you! But YOU DO NOT have to feel this way.

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

With just three sessions, two before you fly and one after, you can completely change the way you see the experience. Imagine that when you fly you could enjoy yourself. Imagine that you could relax and read a book or watch a movie. Imagine looking out the window and seeing the clouds floating by and just being amazed at their beauty. That CAN be you!

How do I know this is possible? Because I was just like you. I was afraid to fly for many years. I remember clearly that as soon as I got on the plane, l would gaze down the aisle wondering how every single passenger was not aware that something terrible was about to happen. It was a physical response and took all I had to take steps down that aisle. How could they look so calm, I thought?! It was torture for me. I was afraid of every bump and movement once in my seat and held on with white knuckles to the armrests. I almost did not breathe until the plane touched down at our destination. I might even begin to worry about the trip home before I was out of the airport on the day we arrived. Sound familiar?

Now, after hypnotherapy sessions for my anxiety, I actually look forward to flying. I get on the plane anticipating those miraculous clouds just out my window. I can relax on the flight, and I know that my return flight home will be just as easy. I can focus on my family, my adventure, my business trip whatever it happens to be.

I know this works, and I can help you to feel this way too. Even after our first session, you will have multiple tools you can use immediately to help relieve your anxiety. Don’t let your fear of flying hold you back one more day.

Let me help you release your fear of flying! Schedule an appointment for your free anxiety consultation today!

Up Up And Away!

Shannon Hoffman, BCH
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