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Learning Not Living

Do you ever feel trapped in your past? Is there something that occurred that you just can’t seem to shake no matter how hard you try? Did something happen that no matter how many times you relive it, try to understand it, or try to think about it differently, remains? 

You may have heard the quote “Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson, not a life sentence” and thought, easier said than done. We all have times in our lives that we wish had been different. Whether it was something that happened to you, or something that you wish you hadn’t said or done. Sometimes memories of those hurtful times can repeat in your mind like a bad movie. You have tried as hard as you can to forget or forgive, just to have them pop up when you least expect it, filling you with sadness and anxiety.

How you react to those memories can ruin your day, your ability to sleep, your relationships and even your ability to feel positive about your future. 

At My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis, we know that we can provide you with tools and hypnosis techniques to empower you to acknowledge (Integrate? Understand?) those memories and move on to a happier, healthier you. 

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“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.” – Roy T. Bennett

Shannon Hoffman, BCH
My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis

Just Say No

It was a typical day at my business. As I was working, a salesperson came through my front door asking if I wanted to buy advertising. I turned away from my client, faced them and replied “No” in a pleasant tone. The salesperson nodded in acknowledgement and smiled. I smiled back, and they went back out the door. My client looked at me with surprise and asked me how I did that. I said, “Did what?” She said “Just said no like that”. I said “Oh! Watch me” and said again, “No”.

Is it difficult for you to say no? Many of us, for a variety of reasons, feel pressure to always say yes. I used to feel that way too, but then I realized that saying no is a form of self-care, of setting limits and protecting my time and my health.

As children, we were taught to be helpful, which is a wonderful attribute. Unfortunately, over the years that may have translated to always saying yes, even when we know it is not in our, or our family’s, best interest to do so. Perhaps we feel guilty if we say no, thinking that we are disappointing others, and that is not a comfortable feeling.

Your time, energy and finances are finite resources. Maybe always saying yes has led you to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked, and stretched. You may feel you are doing too much, and none of it very well. Maybe you feel that you can never find time to do the things that really matter to you, those things that would bring you joy.

At My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis, we know that we can provide you with tools and hypnosis techniques to empower you to say yes to the things that support your wellbeing, and no to those that don’t. Let us help you to set the healthy boundaries you desire. Schedule an appointment for your hypnosis strategy session today at Appointment Scheduler | My Brain Shifts or call 303-656-2272.

“When you say yes to others, make sure you aren’t saying no to yourself.” – Paul Coelho

Shannon Hoffman, BCH
My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis Service  Lakewood, Denver, Colorado

Testimonial for Hypnotherapy By One Of Our Clients

It’s been a couple months now since I worked with Shannon and I can truly say that her help has been life changing. I know that term can seem cheesy or like it’s being tossed around half-heartedly, but I really can’t express just how much she helped me!

After her first session, I felt more hope and change within me than I had from years of therapy, acupuncture, counseling, and other healing modalities. After the second session, I felt like my entire being and life had turned a page!

My marriage was better, I saw my husband (and myself) in this bright new light. We fought less. Discussions we had that would’ve usually turned into big, ugly fights, now remained calm and respectful. I was able, with the tools Shannon taught me, to remain neutral in events that would have sent me spiraling in the past. This helped me notice so much more about myself and the people I was interacting with which allowed so much more space for love and understanding. This felt HUGE to me. I also stopped feeling afraid all of the time. I had less migraines (and the ones I did have were very minor in comparison to the usual debilitating pain). I’ve slept better and had significantly less nightmares. I could go on and on for days telling you how much she’s helped me and improved my life with her hypnotherapy and the tools she’s taught me.

This has by far been the most helpful thing I’ve ever done for my mental and physical health, and I cannot recommend it enough! Worth the investment. So so worth the investment. I use the tools she taught me every single day.

I cannot thank you enough, Shannon!

Hypnosis For Confidence Building

Do you find yourself apologizing for things that you didn’t do wrong? Do you start conversations, emails and calls with “I’m sorry, but….” when you are not really sorry, you just want to try one more time to get your point across? Do you apologize when someone steps on your foot, or bumps into you?

Do you apologize when you know you are right, but there is that tiny voice in your ear reminding you that you have been wrong before? Have you lost confidence in yourself and your ability to make good decisions, stand up for yourself and do what is best for you?

As women, we are often brought up to be demure and feminine, to not honor our inner strength, and ignore our innate ability to be confident. You may have heard comments such as these:

“Don’t be so full of yourself!”
“Be seen and not heard”
“That is not ladylike”
“Don’t speak unless spoken to”
“Be Nice”

We also may have been warned not to be too loud, too smart, too brash, too nosy, or too smart.

Can you remember back to a time as a child when you were self-confident? Can you remember how freeing that felt? How happy you were? Now can you recall a moment when you went from confident to being unsure of yourself? Did someone say something that made you embarrassed and doubt yourself? Something that made you want to make yourself shrink and be small? Have you carried that with you over the years? Unfortunately, when we lack confidence, we may reinforce that same idea without meaning to, by telling ourselves we aren’t confident. Did you know that when you tell your brain you are not confident, it believes you?

At My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis Center, we know that we can provide you with tools and hypnosis techniques that will help you change the confidence narrative. We know that we can help you be the confident woman you really are. We can help you to remind your brain that you are a smart, confident, capable woman.

We want you to BE FULL OF YOURSELF!

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Shannon Hoffman, BCH
My Brain Shifts – Integrated Hypnosis Center